Function - Trigger Upsert

Base Management

Perform an Update/Create/Upsert any time a record triggers



Click Create New Function

Click Add Configuration

Set up your Common Function Configurations - Source Connection, Source Configuration, and Trigger Mode

Set up your Trigger Upsert Function Configuration

Trigger Upsert Function Configuration

Destination Connection - Choose the Airtable connection where you want to perform a trigger update/create/upsert to

Destination Configuration

Select your Base - The base where you want to perform a trigger update/create/upsert to

Select your Table - The table where you want to perform a trigger update/create/upsert to

Function Configuration

Choose your function configuration option

Function Configuration Options:
Upsert - (Update if match/Create if no match)
Update Only - (Ignore if no match)
Create New - (Ignore if match found)
Create - (Always)

Source Match Field - Select Source Field to match with Destination
(not shown for Create - always option)

Destination Match Field - Select Destination Field to match with Source
(not shown for Create - always option)

Configure Field Mapping (Source => Destination)

Select Fields - Select the Source field and Destination field
Add as many fields as needed

Attachment Mode (Upsert and Update options only) - Determines how attachments should be handled
Append - Append to existing attachments
Overwrite - Overwrite existing attachments

Click Save Action Function Details


Next, Test Your Function

Before using your Function, you must test it.

Then, Install Your Function via a Zapier zap, an Airtable Automation, a Script in the Scripting app, or directly via REST API.
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