Function - Field Diff Log

Record Processing

Keep a running log of changes to any fields saved within a Long Text Field


Function Configuration

Tracking Fields - Choose 1 or more fields that you want to keep track of any changes within the field(s)

Storage Field - Choose a long text field to store previous data from your tracking fields

Log Field - Choose a long text field to store the changes/diffs from the fields

Max Log Length - Select the maximum number of entries before clearing older entries
Example: If you enter 10, 10 entries will be saved, then the 11th will start clearing out the oldest entries

Log Format - Choose to format your Log Field output as Text or JSON

Log Template - Create a template to be used and added to your Log Field each time the Field Diff Log function is processed.

Available template placeholders: {*Any Table Field*}, [FIELD], [BEFORE], [AFTER], [DATE]

{*Any Table Field*} - use any field from this table wrapped in { }, ex: {Name} will insert the record Name value

[FIELD] - will insert the field name of the field that was modified

[BEFORE] - will insert the previous value of the field updated

[AFTER] - will insert the current value of the field updated

[DATE] - will insert the current timestamp and format as specified. Default format is MM/DD/YYYY. Can change below in advanced settings.

Example: You can use ([FIELD]) [BEFORE] -> [AFTER] where ([FIELD]) is your Tracking Field name, [BEFORE] is the data previously in the field updated, and [AFTER] is the current data in the field updated


Use a Predefined Template

([FIELD]) has been modified. Before Value: "[BEFORE]" | After Value: "[AFTER]" [DATE]

Next, choose any Advanced Settings you need

Header - Optional template to place at top of each grouping of field diffs. You can use the same DATE placeholder or any Fields values with {*Field Name*},
Example: {Name}

Separator - Text separator for each log entry
Default: ---------------------

Date Formatter - Date Format to use with the [DATE] placeholder
Default: mm/dd/yyyy
View mask options

Last Updated - Choose a date field to keep track of the last time the field was updated

Click Save Action Function Details


Next, Test Your Function

Before using your Function, you must test it.

Then, Install Your Function via a Zapier zap, an Airtable Automation, a Script in the Scripting app, or directly via REST API.
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