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On2Air: Actions

An advanced connector to integrate your Airtable data with any other software tools used in your business. Create powerful business processes by connecting your Airtable bases to over 2,500 apps with almost 20 additional action options beyond the standard Airtable actions. On2Air: Actions is the solution you need to optimize your systems and enhance the information flow between Airtable and other apps.

On2Air: Backups

An automated backup solution for your Airtable bases. Create scheduled backups of your critical business data stored in Airtable and export your information to Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

On2Air: Forms

Create and configure advanced forms using your Airtable data completely integrated with a third-party form's powerful features. Enhance your Airtable forms with more options including prefilled data, custom search, placeholders, hidden fields, read-only fields, and more. We currently support JotForm.

On2Air: Schemas

A generated diagram to visualize your base structure and track changes to meta information for all tables, view, fields, and relationships. Understand your Airtable base configuration and view meta changes at a glance.

On2Air: Scripts

A specialized script manager to organize your JavaScript code scripts and integrate with Airtable's Scripting block. With On2Air: Scripts, you can create, edit, maintain, and integrate multiple scripts from a single codebase and sync across multiple Airtable bases.

On2Air: Storage

Secure storage points for the data used in your scripts in the Airtable scripting environment and proxies to make API calls and communicate with third-party APIs.
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