* Easier way to install and begin using your Actions

Choose where you want to use your Action by choosing an Installation Source - Zapier, Script, Automation, or Node

You can use:

Zapier - Use in a Zapier zap
Script - Use in the Scripting App in Airtable
Automation - Use in Automations in Airtable
Node.js - Use in your program or application

With Zapier, you can begin creating a new zap, updating an existing one, or using a pre-made On2Air Zapier template.

With Script and Automation, a code script is automatically generated with your Action data. You can then add the script to your Airtable base in the Scripting App or in Automations.

With Node.js, a code script is automatically generated with your Action data. You can then add the script to your application.

Learn how to install Triggers
Learn how to install Updates
Learn how to install Searches

Speaking of Zapier templates…

* On2Air pre-made templates for Zapier

You can now connect On2Air to Zapier with pre-made templates!

How to use a template

Open your Action
Click the Installation tab
Choose Zapier as your Installation Source
Choose your API Key
Click Use this Zap next to the template you want to use

* Ability to turn off the auto-toggle checkbox on Triggers

By default, when a Trigger Action is processed by a checkbox, it will automatically revert the checkbox back to its original state when the Trigger is complete.

We have now added an option to turn the Auto-Toggle checkbox off. This is useful if you want to leave the checkbox the same once the Trigger is processed.

* Avoid triggering on older or unwanted records in Triggers

You can now choose a processing time window for your Trigger Actions. This prevents you from triggering on older records. Any record updated prior to this window of time from the time the trigger is executed will be ignored.

You can choose 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 48 hours, or 1 week. You can also choose to have No Window and all records will continue to be processed at any time.

* Store and compare previous and current entire record values

You can now choose to store entire record values in a Long Text field in JSON format. This is helpful to store previous record values at the time of a trigger to use for comparing changes between triggers. Each time the trigger runs, this field will be updated with the current trigger values.


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* Ability to disable public sharing for your Schemas

Turn off public sharing of your schemas.

* Improved printing and layout

Check out the improved layout and printing of your schemas. Now, easier to print and handout.


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