View Type - How to Create a Table Viewer View Type

About the Table Viewer View Type in On2Air: Amplify

The Table Viewer View Type allows you to view a list of your records in a table. You can view all records in a table or choose a specific view. In the viewer, you can display or hide fields to show only the fields that matter most. You can add multiple Table Viewer View Types in a single layout, customizing each one to display specific fields.

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Add the Table Viewer
Table Viewer Settings
Layout Links
Using the Table Viewer
Manage Layout
Delete the View Type Column

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Add the Table Viewer

A Table Viewer view type can be used in a Layout individually or with other Table Viewer view types. It cannot be used with Record view types.

To add a Table Viewer view type

Click the + icon (Add a new column) in the viewer layout
Choose Table Viewer
Click Add
Choose the Table you want displayed

If you're adding another Table Viewer column to a layout that already has a Table Viewer column, it will automatically default to the Table you chose in the first Table Viewer column.

Table Viewer Settings

The Table Viewer Settings allows you to rename your column, choose the fields you want to display, and the links you want to display.

Rename Title

To rename the column title

Click the Settings icon
Select Rename Title
Enter your new title and click the check icon

Field Visibility

To choose the fields you want to display

Click the Settings icon
Select Field Visibility
Select each field you want to display
You can also use the Search box to filter and find the field you need. You can Filter by the Field type (button, checkbox, single select, etc.) to further refine your search.
You can rearrange the order the fields are displayed in the Table Viewer by clicking the reorder icon

Table Settings

You can filter the table to a specific view and also choose whether the table is searchable or not

To filter the table to a specific view

Click the Settings icon
Select Table Settings
Choose the View you want to see

To make the Table Viewer searchable or not

Toggle the Searchable icon ON (green) or OFF (gray)

Field Settings

To make the main field filterable or sortable

Click the Settings icon
Select Field Settings
Toggle the Filter icon ON (green) or OFF (gray)
Toggle the Sortable icon ON (green) or OFF (gray)

Layout Links

Layout links allow you to switch to related table Layouts

To display a button containing the link to a related layout

Click the Settings icon
Select Layout Links
Choose any or all related layouts you want to display as a button in the Table Viewer.
You can also reorder the layouts. The one at the top will be the main one displayed in the button. If you choose multiple layout links, you can switch between them by using the dropdown on the button.
Click the Layout button or double click the record to switch the related layout with the corresponding record

When you switch to another layout, you can then navigate back to the Table Viewer layout by pressing back arrow in the navigation menu.

To view the Column/View Type in full screen

Click the full screen icon. This will expand the Editor to full screen inside the Amplify app.
To remove the Amplify menu, click the arrow

Manage Layout

In Manage Layout, you can manage your entire current Amplify layout (or switch to another layout to manage). You can rename your layout, lock to a view, rearrange your layout columns, and much more.

Layout Info

By default, Manage Layout will display your current layout.

If you want to manage a different layout, search and/or choose another layout in the search box.

To create a new layout, click New Layout
Choose a Tier - Records or Table
Choose the corresponding Table
Type your Layout Name
Click Create

Layout Name - Rename your current layout

Default View Filter (Optional) - Choose a specific view as a Default for this Layout
Note: Default View/Locked Views only supported when user location is not synced to Airtable

Lock to this view (Optional when a Default View is chosen) - Lock this Layout to the view chosen. It will disable the ability to change view filters)

Primary Display Field - Choose a field as your Primary Display Field

Set Defaults on new Record creation - Enable this to automatically add any Default information you have set for any field in the current table.
Default information can be added throughout the Current Record Editor by choosing the Settings icon > Set Defaults

Layout Enabled (Default ON) - If this layout is ON, you will always see this layout in the Layout Search menu. If you disable this layout, it will not appear in the Layout Search menu unless View Disabled is chosen in the Layouts Search menu.

Lock Layout (Default OFF) - If the Layout is not locked, you can modify or create columns. If the layout is Locked, all elements for modifying and creating columns are removed.


In this menu, you can add new columns, rearrange columns, or hide columns

To add a new column (View Type), choose Add Column
Choose the View Type you want and click Add
Click Done
Now, you can change your new View Type settings in the chosen Type

Delete Layout

To delete your layout

Click Delete Layout
Click Delete

Delete the View Type Column

To delete the Table Viewer View Type from your layout:

Click the edit icon
Select Manage Layout
Click Columns
Click Delete Columns
Choose the Column you want to delete
Click Delete Column(s)
Click Done
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