Each Action/Function will be counted towards your overall Usage Limits as determined by your subscription plan according to following:

Only processed records count as usage. If no records are found then no credits are used.
Each time an action or function is run with matching records, it will be counted as a credit in following manner (unless otherwise stated in the specific action/function):

1 credit is used for each function call that processes atleast 1 record. If more than 100 records are processed in same function call, then a credit will be used for each additional 100 record sets.

If a function processes anywhere from 1-100 records, only 1 credit will be used
If a function processes 200 records, then 2 credits will be used
If a function processes 450 records, then 5 credits will be used ( 1 credit for records 1-100, 1 for records 101-200, 1 for records 201-300, 1 for records 301-400, and 1 for records 401-450)
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