Starter Plan Details

For those on a tight budget or need a very small sliver of what On2Air offers, you're in good luck. We offer very budget friendly tiers of our apps for you.

Here are the details of each app and what is available. If looking for our standard pricing, check out the pricing page.

On2Air: Amplify Starter Plan - $9.99/month | $99.99/year
Bases: 1
App Installs: 5
Users: 3

On2Air: Actions Starter Plan - $9.99/month | $99.99/year
Total Active (Actions & Functions): 10
Monthly Credits: 2.5K
Sources: Zapier, Webhooks, Airtable
Update Modes: Checkbox, Last Modified, Updated, Record IDs, View Records

On2Air: Backups Starter Plan - $9.99/month | $99.99/year
Sources: Google Drive
Frequencies: Monthly
Projects: 1
Bases Per Project: 1
Records Per Project: 20k
Attachments Per Project: 50

On2Air: Forms Starter Plan - $9.99/month | $99.99/year
Sources: Jotform
Forms: 3
Fields Per Forms: 3
Field Types: select, placeholder

On2Air: Schemas Starter Plan - $9.99/month | $99.99/year
Schemas: 1
Source Types: api
Snapshot History: 100

On2Air: Scripts Starter Plan - $9.99/month | $99.99/year
Blocks: 1
Scripts: 1
Snippets: 5
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