Quick Start Guide - On2Air Amplify

Let's get started with Amplify!

If you haven't already, install Amplify in your base from the Airtable marketplace

Open the Amplify app in Fullscreen

Click Add Block View and choose Current Record Editor

Click Add Block View

Choose the fields you want displayed

Click Done

You can now view and edit all the information from your current record!

Now, add more Block views to your layout

Choose the Gear icon
Click Add new Block view
Add the Google Doc View
Choose a field that contains the URL of the Google Doc
Click Done

Repeat the above steps and add a Linked Record Block
Choose your Linked Record field
Click Done

Now that you've created a dashboard la, learn more about layouts, each view type, and all Amplify features.


Learn about all the Block View Types


Learn how to Use Block Views


Learn how to Search Records


Learn how to Manage Layouts for your Block Views

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