On2Air: Scripts App Overview

On2Air: Scripts gives you more flexibility to create and organize JavaScript scripts within Airtable’s Scripting block. With On2Air: Scripts, you can edit and maintain multiple scripts for multiple bases at one time from a single codebase.

The Scripting block in Airtable allows you to run JavaScript directly in your base to enhance your data and manage tedious tasks. Learn more about the Scripting block in Airtable.

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How You Can Use Scripts:

Set Default Values for Records
No-Conflict Appointment Scheduler
Find and Replace Data
Create Tasks From a Template
Recurring Events

And many more!

See a library of Scripts at BuiltOnAir

On2Air: Scripts has three sections: BlocksScripts, and Snippets


Snippets allows you to save and add individual snippets of JavaScript. This can be anything from a small piece of code to entire JavaScript libraries. Once a Snippet is added, you can add Snippets to Scripts, which can then be added to Blocks.


Scripts allows you to create, reuse, edit, save, and deploy individual JavaScript code scripts to your Airtable bases. With Scripts, you can manage and add JavaScript code to your Airtable bases, input one or multiple Snippets into your code, and add multiple Scripts to create Blocks.


Blocks is a collection of all your Scripts with enhanced capabilities. With Blocks, a single small piece of code is generated to add to the Scripting Block in your Airtable base. This will create a Menu of all your scripts in a single block, allowing you to click a button and run each script when needed.
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