On2Air: Schemas App Overview

On2Air: Schemas generates a diagram to visualize your Airtable base structure and track changes to meta information for all tables, view, fields, and relationships. Understand and view your Airtable base configuration at a glance.

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There are three ways to set up a Schema for your Airtable base - API, Script, or Block

API Source

API Source uses the Airtable API to connect with your base and generate a Schema

Benefits - Can use on Free and Pro Airtable accounts
No setup required inside Airtable
All setup is done in On2Air: Schemas dashboard

Limitations - Limited ability to view all changes due to restrictions in the Airtable API
Can view Relationship fields in the Schema, but cannot view how Relationships are connected

Script Source

Script Source uses a generated script code from On2Air to paste into an Airtable Scripting Block

Benefits - View and highlight all Relationship connections

Limitations - You must add the generated JavaScript code to an Airtable Scripting Block
Currently available for Free and Pro plan in Airtable, but Airtable intends to remove Scripting Block option from Free plans in September 2020)

Block Source

Coming Soon!
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