On2Air: Forms App Overview

On2Air: Forms allows you to create and configure robust forms using your Airtable data completely integrated with the powerful features of third-party form builders.

Enhance your Airtable forms with more options, such as prefilled data, custom search, placeholders, hidden fields, read-only fields, display order sorting, default values, and much more.

We integrate with third-party form builders and currently support JotForm. A JotForm account is required to use On2Air: Forms.

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On2Air: Forms Features

Let users search your data from your form
Use hidden fields in your form
Personalize your form with dynamically displayed values
Display information in a field based on a previously chosen answer
Generate personalized prefilled forms
Use conditional logic to display only what needs to be seen
Add HTML or Markdown to your form
Connect to over 2,500 apps
Insert a form value entered by the user into another location in your form
Create custom filters
Send your form submissions to Airtable and other software tools


Learn about the JotForm Individual Form Dashboard and the JotForm All Forms Dashboard

On2Air: Forms has three field types: Select Field, Sub-Select Field, and Placeholder Field.

Select Field - JotForm

The Select Field is used to populate a dropdown field directly from a specific Airtable field.

Sub-Select Field - JotForm

The Sub-Select Field is used to populate a dropdown field based on a specific Airtable parent field.

Placeholder Field - JotForm

The Placeholder Field is used to output any Airtable record data in your form, based on a specific Select or Sub-Select On2Air field in your JotForm.

Get set up with the On2Air: Forms Getting Started video

If you're currently using the Legacy On2Air: Forms app, be sure to read the article on how to transfer your form to the new version of On2Air: Forms.
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