On2Air: Forms App Overview

On2Air: Forms allows you to create and configure robust forms using your Airtable data completely integrated with the powerful features of third-party form builders.

Enhance your Airtable forms with more options, such as prefilled data, custom search, placeholders, hidden fields, read-only fields, display order sorting, default values, and much more.

We integrate with third-party form builders and currently support JotForm.


Learn about the JotForm Individual Form Dashboard and the JotForm All Forms Dashboard

On2Air: Forms has three field types: Select Field, Sub-Select Field, and Placeholder Field.

Select Field - JotForm

The Select Field is used to populate a dropdown field directly from a specific Airtable field.

Sub-Select Field - JotForm

The Sub-Select Field is used to populate a dropdown field based on a specific Airtable parent field.

Placeholder Field - JotForm

The Placeholder Field is used to output any Airtable record data in your form, based on a specific Select or Sub-Select On2Air field in your JotForm.

If you are currently using the Legacy On2Air: Forms app, be sure to read the article on how to transfer your form to the new version of On2Air: Forms.
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