On2Air: Actions App Overview

On2Air: Actions is an advanced connector to integrate your Airtable data with any other software tools used in your business. Create powerful business processes with almost 20 additional action options beyond the standard Airtable actions.

On2Air: Actions is the solution you need to optimize your systems and enhance the information flow between Airtable and other apps. You can initiate business processes, update your base, and search records.

We integrate with third-party connectors and currently support Zapier.

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On2Air: Actions Features

Integrates with Zapier to connect to over 2,500 other apps
Send data to Airtable or to any other software you use
Triggers, Searches, and Updates available
Process multiple records at one time in bulk
Process single records
Add new records
Delete records
Update records
Send records to other bases or workspaces
Conditional actions - Actions will run only if certain criteria are met
Trigger on Checkbox, Field Updated, Date, Formula, Last Modified Time
Use custom formulas if needed
Use every field type available in Airtable
No script run limitations - scripts allow you to do just about anything in Airtable using JavaScript
No limit on the number of runs per month
Multiple plans available
Access to the entire On2Air Apps Toolkit to make your Airtable experience even better (Actions, Backups, Forms, Schemas, Scripts, in Development )


Triggers Action

A Trigger is an action you complete in Airtable which initiates a single record or multiple records to be updated or deleted using On2Air. You can then use this Trigger in Zapier to connect with any other software your company uses.

Trigger Actions Available

Single Record Updated
Multiple Records Updated
Single Record To Be Deleted
Multiple Records To Be Deleted

Updates Action

Updates allows you to update, create, or delete single or multiple Airtable records. You can use Zapier to push data into those fields from another app (either the On2Air app or any third-party app). An Update is used after the first step in your zap.

Update Actions Available

Update (or Insert) Single Record
Create New Single Record
Delete Single Record
Update (or Insert) Multiple Records
Delete Multiple Records
Create New Multiple Records

Searches Action

A Search is a way to search your Airtable base and return records for use in other apps and steps in your Zap.

Search Actions Available

Search Single Record
Search Multiple Records

If you are currently using the Legacy On2Air:Actions app, be sure to read the article on how to transfer your actions to the new version of On2Air: Actions.
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