How to Use Layouts

A new layout is automatically created when you first install the app. A layout is specific to a single table.

Create a New Layout

To create a new layout:

Click New Layout in the app navigation menu
Enter a name for the layout
Click Create

You can then add View Types

Lock A Layout

You can lock any viewer layout. You must have Airtable admin permissions to access this function. In a locked layout, you will not be able to edit any View Types or settings in View Types, add or delete View Types, change names, or rearrange columns.

You can still edit the data in record fields in the Current Record Editor and in the Linked Record Editor. You can also still add new records to your table, expand a record, search records, navigate through records, add new layouts, and navigate to another layout..

In the Amplify app navigation menu:

Click the Lock icon
Your layout will be locked

If you want all layouts locked in a table, you must lock each one individually.

To unlock a layout:

Click the Up arrow icon in the Amplify app navigation menu

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