Upgrade the Amplify App

At any time during the 14 day trial, you can upgrade your account from the app

Click the TRIAL - UPGRADE NOW button in the Amplify app
You will be redirected to the On2Air login page
To create a new On2Air account, click Sign up
Enter your information
You will then see the On2Air: Amplify dashboard

Enter Your Airtable API Key

You will need to enter your Airtable API Key (If you're already an On2Air customer, this should already be completed)

How to find your Airtable API Key
- Please note that the API Key is required for us to connect to your Airtable base

Add your API key to the Airtable API Key field
Click Claim Base
You should see the name of your Base and the App installation

To Upgrade Your Account

Click the blue Upgrade button
You can then choose your plan - either a bundled plan with all the apps or choose the Amplify-only plan
- You can view all options on our Pricing page
Click View on the plan you would like
Choose the monthly or yearly option
Click Subscribe
Enter your payment information
Click Subscribe

Confirm Your Email

You will need to check your email to confirm your account
From your email, click Confirm Your Account
You will then need to enter your account password

After Upgrading, Refresh Your Airtable Webpage

After confirming your account, refresh the webpage where your Airtable app is located.

Now, you've upgraded Amplify!
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