How to Install On2Air Amplify

Open the Apps panel in your Airtable base
Click + Install an app
Search Amplify
Click Install

Once the app is installed

You will see a screen welcoming you to a free trial of On2Air: Amplify
By default, we offer a 14-day free trial - You do not have to register a username for the trial version
Before starting, you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions

* After you accept the terms, you'll see the Amplify settings screen containing the first record in your table with the Current Record Editor Settings options displayed.

**Up next, let's set up your Amplify dashboard!**

The best way to use Amplify is to expand the app to full-screen. You can do this by clicking the full-screen icon in the app.

How to use full-screen

Click the full-screen icon on the Amplify app

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3 View Types
How to Use Layouts
Create a New Layout
Lock A Layout

3 View Types

Current Record Editor

The Current Record Editor view type allows you to edit data from any field in each record. It’s useful for quickly editing data in multiple records. With the Current Record Editor, you can display or hide fields to see only what you need to see.

Record Previewer

The Record Previewer view type allows you to view any content in full-screen from a variety of field types:

Attachment field
URL field
Long text field - with or without rich text formatting
Single line text field
Formula field
Rollup field

Linked Record Editor

The Linked Record Editor Settings view type allows you to edit data in Linked record field types that are connected to other tables.

Key Terminology

Layout - A layout contains any View Type(s) you add to the viewer. You can have one or multiple layouts per table containing different view types. Layouts are specific to each table in your base.


Table 1 can have 4 layouts. Each layout has multiple view types and different fields displayed or hidden.

Table 2 has 1 layout. This layout has multiple view types and different fields displayed or hidden.

Column - Each View Type is displayed as a column in your layout. You can resize columns (your View Types) by clicking the resizer icon on the right side of the panel. You can have an unlimited amount of columns/View Types per layout.

Begin Using Amplify by Choosing a View Type

Current Record Editor

Record Previewer

Linked Record Editor

How to Upgrade On2Air: Amplify after the Trial

How to Upgrade On2Air: Amplify after the Trial
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