Function - Table Import

Table Management

Import Data from a URL into a Table in your Airtable base



Click Create New Function

Click Add Configuration

Set up your Common Function Configurations - Source Connection, Source Configuration, and Trigger Mode

Set up your Function Configuration

Function Configuration

Import Content Source - The source of where the import data will come from
Options: URL or Function POST Body

Import Endpoint (Content Source: URL) - The URL to query to retrieve import data

Import Method - HTTP Method to retrieve import data
Options: GET, POST, or PUT

Import Format - Format for incoming data
Options: CSV or JSON

Import Key - If the import content is stored inside an object, this is the key to access the content

Map Import Fields

Enter the Import Column/Field Label and select corresponding field. Leave key blank to use field name.

Select Fields - Select source field(s) and provide optional key. If no key, field name will be used.
Add as many mapping fields as needed

Update Sync Mode - Mode for how to handle imported records

Upsert (Update if Found/Create if Not Found)
Update (Update if Found/Ignore if Not Found)
Create New (Ignore if Found/Create if Not Found)
Create (Always create new records)

Import Match Key - Key from Import Data to use for matching

Import Match Fields - Select Mapped Field to use for Record Matching

Sample Input Data - Use this if needed as starting point for your Input Data
Must add Field Mapping First

Click Save Action Function Details


Next, Test Your Function

Before using your Function, you must test it.

Then, Install Your Function
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