Function - Table Export

Table Management

Export Data from a Table in Airtable to a URL



Click Create New Function

Click Add Configuration

Set up your Common Function Configurations - Source Connection, Source Configuration, and Trigger Mode

Set up your Function Configuration

Function Configuration

Export Content Destination - The destination of where the export data will be sent to
URL Endpoint
Response Body

Export Endpoint (URL Endpoint destination) - The URL to post export data to

Export Method (URL Endpoint destination) - HTTP Method to push export data

Export Format - Format for outgoing data

Export Key (JSON format) - To store the export JSON in an object with a key, set the key here

Map Export Fields

Enter the Export Column/Field Label and select corresponding field. Leave key blank to use field name.

Select Fields - Select source field(s) and provide optional key. If no key, field name will be used.
Add as many source fields as needed

Note: Linked Record Fields are exported as the Linked Record ID. If you need to export the linked record name, use a lookup field of the Linked Table's primary field.

Sample Output Data - This is a sample of what the export data will look like

Click Save Action Function Details


Next, Test Your Function

Before using your Function, you must test it.

Then, Install Your Function via a Zapier zap, an Airtable Automation, a Script in the Scripting app, or directly via REST API.
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