Function - Single Table Linked Records Sync

Table Management

If using a linked record to the same table, Airtable does not automatically create the backlink field like it does with linked records between 2 tables. This fixes that by auto-populating the backlink fields.



Click Create New Function

Click Add Configuration

Set up your Common Function Configurations - Source Connection, Source Configuration, and Trigger Mode

Set up your Function Configuration

Function Configuration

Select Primary Linked Record - Select Primary Linked Record. This is the one to be modified by users.

Select Secondary/Reverse Linked Record - Select Secondary/Reverse Linked Record. This will be auto linked on update. It should not be modified directly.

Click Save Action Function Details


Next, Test Your Function

Before using your Function, you must test it.

Then, Install Your Function via a Zapier zap, an Airtable Automation, a Script in the Scripting app, or directly via REST API.
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