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A Search is a way to search your Airtable base and return records for use in other apps and steps in your Zap.

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Before Creating a Search
How To Create a Search
Search Types
Search Single Records
Search Multiple Records
Search Configurations
Enable Search
History Log
Configure Your Search in Zapier

Before Creating a Search

Before using Search, we recommend you first

Connect to Your Airtable Account

Create a Zapier API Key in On2Air

How To Create a Search

There are two ways to create a Search

From the All Actions page

Click New Action in the top right-hand side of the screen

Select a Search type

Click Add Configuration


Click Searches in the side menu

Click New Search

Select Your Search Type

Click Add Configuration

Search Types

Search Single Record - Search and lookup a single record based on search criteria

Search Multiple Records - Search and lookup multiple records based on search criteria

Search Configurations

Airtable Connection

Select your Airtable Connection - This is the Airtable account where your Base resides

Airtable Source

Select Your Base - Choose your desired base

Select Your Table - Choose your table

Select Your View - Choose your view (Optional)
Default is all views

Selected Fields \- The fields you want returned to your table or to another sequence after search process is complete - (Default is All Fields)
Add one or multiple fields
If none selected, all fields will be retrieved

Sort Fields - Sort how the results are ordered
Ascending (ASC) or Descending (DESC)
You can add one or multiple options
You can reorder fields by clicking the bars icon next to the field

Lookup Mode - The mode type for the field in your base being searched

Mode Types
Field - The field you want to search

Mode Configuration
Field to Lookup - The field being searched
This can be any Airtable field type
Default Lookup Value - A default value used as the search term

Formula (Advanced) - Create your own custom formula to initiate a search

Mode Configuration
Formula - Add your own custom formula
Will trigger every time the formula is TRUE - You need to change the state back to FALSE to ensure it only runs when needed

Advanced Options

Backfill Fields - Use any other Airtable field from your table in another step in your sequence workflow - (Default and Recommended is On/Green)
This setting is available due to the Airtable API not returning the field data

Flatten Output - Remove extraneous data from certain Airtable fields - (Default and Recommended is On/Green)
When returning data, the Airtable API attaches additional, unnecessary information to some fields, such as attachments and collaborator

Lock Fields on Name - Uses the actual text Name of the field you chose in Mode Configuration instead of the Unique field ID to watch for changes to trigger on (Default is Off -Default watches for the Unique field ID)
Name is useful if you want to create a duplicate field and watch the name instead of the ID

Enable Search

Once all configurations are set

Toggle Enable (green) to enable your Search

Delete Search
Click Delete Search

Click Yes, I want to delete this action
WARNING: This action cannot be undone

History Log

History Log Coming Soon!

Configure Your Search in Zapier

Accept App Invitation

Once you sign up for On2Air: Actions, you will receive a link from the Openside team to add the On2Air app to your Zapier account

Click the link

An invitation screen will be displayed

Select Accept Invite and Build a Zap

Create A Zap

Before using Searches, you must have a previous step in your Zap. In this example, we have a Trigger from On2Air as the first step.

Click the + icon below the first step in your Zap

Choose App & Event

Choose App

Search for the On2Air app
(In our example, it’s already chosen due to our first step)

Click Create Zap

Choose App & Event

Choose App

Search for the On2Air app

Select the On2Air app

Choose Action Event

Select Perform On2Air Search

Click Continue

Choose Account (Not Connected to On2Air)

If you have not connected your On2Air account to Zapier, follow the next steps. If you have already connected to On2Air, skip to the Customize Update step.

Click Sign in to On2Air

Another window will open displaying Allow Zapier to access your On2Air Account

You will need to enter the Zapier API Key you created earlier in the field

To view your API Key or to create a Zapier API Key, click Create/Select an API Key to your On2Air account here

Copy your API Key

Paste your API Key in the field

Click Yes, continue

Your On2Air account is now connected to Zapier

Click Continue

Choose Account (Already Connected to On2Air)

Choose your On2Air account

Click Continue

Customize Search


Choose Actions

Actions Search - Displays a list of the Searches you have Enabled in On2Air: Actions
Select the Search you want to use
You can also click Configure to configure your Search in On2Air

Lookup Value - Add your Search term

Advanced Settings
Response As JSON String - Set to Yes if you want the response as a JSON string instead of an object

Click Continue

Find Data

Click Test & Review to ensure it’s set up

Click Continue

Click Done Editing

Here’s the table in Airtable

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