Connect to JotForm

To connect On2Air to JotForm, you will first need to create and copy a JotForm API Key from your JotForm account.

Learn how to create your JotForm API Key

Now that you have your API Key:

Click the blue plus button

Choose the JotForm integration by clicking Select

On the Basic Configuration tab, enter your JotForm API Key

If your forms are part of the EU Safe Form agreement, click Tap to make account EU. Learn more about EU Safe Mode here.

Toggle the switch Tap to activate to green to Activate the connection

You can rename the connection by click New JotForm Connection

Settings - JotForm

To delete this integration:

Click Delete Integration

Click Yes, I want to delete this connection
WARNING: This action cannot be undone

Pending Settings:

Swap Out This Integration - Select an existing integration to replace this integration

Clone This Integration - Create a duplicate of this integration
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