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The Record Previewer view type in On2Air allows you to view content from your Airtable fields in full-screen. Fields like Attachments, URLs, Long text, Formulas, and more. You can add multiple fields in a single Record Previewer view type or multiple view types in a layout.

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Add the Record Previewer View Type
Record Previewer Settings
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About the Record Previewer View Type

The Record Previewer view type allows you to view any content from your base in full-screen from these field types:

Attachment field (see list of types below)
URL field
Long text field - with or without rich text formatting
Single line text field
Formula field
Rollup field
Lookup field

Attachment Types

The previewer can view these types of attachments from the attachment field in full-screen:

Image and design files (.png, .jpg, gif, .psd, and .tiff file formats)
Video files (HTML5 format, which is browser dependent)
Word documents (.doc and .docx)
Excel files (.xls, .xlsx, and .csv)
Text files (.txt)
PDF documents (.pdf)
Powerpoint presentations without embedded videos (.ppt and .pptx)
XML data (.xml)

Add the Record Previewer View Type

To add a Block view

Click the gear icon above the layout

Click the + icon

Choose the Block View


You can also add a new Block from any other Block

Click the Menu icon on any Block

Click the + Add Block icon

Record Previewer Settings

The Record Previewer Settings panel is where you can choose the field or multiple fields you want to preview.

Field Visibility

Choose the Settings icon
Choose Field Visibility
Select each field you want to display
You can also use the Search box to filter and find the field you need. You can Filter by the Field type (button, checkbox, single select, etc.) to further refine your search.
You can rearrange the order the fields are displayed in the Previewer by clicking the reorder icon

Field Settings

In Field Settings, you can choose the Field(s) you want to view and the Content Type of each field.

By default, each field is set to Auto Detect. If for some reason, your field is not displaying property, you can change the Content Type.

For the Content Type, you can leave the default setting of ‘Auto Detect’ to allow Amplify to detect the file type
Depending on the field type, you can also choose Text, Markdown, URL, Image, HTML, JSON, or PDF

Annotate PDF Files

You can annotate PDF files in your field. This uses an external open-source service,

Initial Setup for Annotations

You'll only have to do the setup part once

First, create a free account and activate the account with the email you receive

Next, sign in to the new account from the Amplify app

Click Public and choose New Private Group. This will keep all annotations to your account and for anyone you share the Annotation group with

Refresh your Airtable page and you should see your new Annotation group name in the dropdown

Copy and share the group link with anyone who needs to create or view Annotations. They will need a account also.

How to Create and View Annotations

In any PDF document, drag your mouse over what you want to Annotate

Click Annotate in the popup

Write your text and click Post to 'Group Name'

You can edit annotations by clicking the Annotation


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