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About the Markdown Editor

The Markdown Editor Block in On2Air allows you to write and view your text from an Airtable field in Markdown format. You can use it as a full Markdown editor, a split option to view Markdown side-by-side with a preview, or use the preview mode.

How to use Markdown in Airtable

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Add the Markdown Editor
Markdown Editor Settings
How to Use Blocks
Search Records
Manage Layouts

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Google Docs/Sheets/Slide Editor
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Add the Markdown Editor

To add a Block view

Click the gear icon above the layout

Click the + icon

Choose the Block View


You can also add a new Block from any other Block

Click the Menu icon on any Block

Click the + Add Block icon

Markdown Editor Settings

The Markdown Editor Settings allows you to rename your column, choose the field containing your Markdown, change the style to the Airtable-style Markdown syntax.


To access the settings

Click the Settings icon
Select Field Settings

Markdown Field - Choose the field you want displayed

Keep Airtable Markdown Syntax - Airtable doesn't follow the standard Markdown syntax.
You can enable this to maintain Airtable-style Markdown. They don't use the standard 'checkbox' syntax. For checkboxes to show up in a Rich Text field, you can use the Airtable-style syntax.

Initial Edit Type

You can view the Markdown formatting in WYSIWG standard formatting or in strict Markdown using symbols

WYSIWG - This will allow your text and content to display exactly as it would in a finished format. You can select formatting styles such as Headings, Bold, Numbered list, etc. without having to use Markdown symbols

Markdown - This will allow you to edit your content by using Markdown symbols

Markdown Preview

Tabs - Display a Write tab and Preview tab to switch between writing your text and previewing the final output

Split Screen - Display your Writing field and a Preview field at the same time

Once you’ve chosen your settings, click Done


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