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The HTML Editor View Type is a full HTML Editor right inside of Airtable. You can format your text into HTML using the formatting toolbar or entering HTML manually.

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Add the HTML Editor Block
HTML Editor Settings
How to Use Block Views
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Manage Layout

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Linked Record Editor
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Table Viewer
Google Docs/Sheets/Slide Editor
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Add the HTML Editor Block

An HTML Editor View Type can be used in a Layout individually or with other Record view types.

First, create a new layout by clicking Create Layout

Click Add Block View

Click Add Block below the Block View Type you want to use

To add more Blocks if you already have other Blocks inside a Layout:

Click the 3 dots menu

Click the + Add Block icon

HTML Editor Settings

The HTML Editor Settings allows you to rename your column, choose the field you want to display, and customize the toolbar

Rename Title

To rename the column title

Click the Settings icon
Select Rename Title
Enter your new title and click the check icon

Editor Settings

To choose the linked field and the fields you want to display

Click the Settings icon
Select Editor Settings

HTML Field - Select the HTML field you want to display
Must be a Long text field

Editor Settings

You have several options to customize your HTML Editor

Show Toolbar
Show Toolbar Inline
Use Text Icons
Use Spell Check
Show Character Count
Show Word Count
Show CSS Path
Button Size
On Enter Element - How you want the editor to react when pressing Enter


-Allows you to internationalize the HTML Editor

Reading Direction

Toolbar Buttons

Customize your toolbar by choosing what you want displayed - font, color, dividers, undo, redo, print, etc.


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