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About the Google Docs Editor

The Google Docs Editor View Type allows you to edit and view information in Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides. You can view and edit any document, spreadsheet, or presentation and slide deck inside Airtable.

Google Docs view

Google Sheets view

Google Slides view

Be sure you're signed into your Google account before you open the Block view. You can still sign in afterward, but it's easier to be signed in first. You can refresh the entire page to connect once signed in.

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Google Docs Editor Settings
Google Docs Editor Menu
How to Use Blocks
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Add the Google Docs Editor Block

To add a Google Docs Editor view type

Google Docs Field Type must be a URL, Text, or Formula Field Type

To add a Block view

Click the gear icon above the layout

Click the + icon

Choose the Block View

Google Docs Editor Settings

The Google Docs Editor Settings panel is where you can choose your Google Docs/Sheets/Slides field, Attachments Save Field, Attachments Save Mode, and How to Generate Google Docs Link Automatically

You must be logged into your Google account and be either the Owner of the document or have 'Shared' Access to the document/sheet/slide

Click the Settings icon
Select Editor Settings

Google Doc ID/URL Field - Choose the field containing the URL or ID of the Google Doc/Sheet/Slide you want to display. You can also use the Static URL (next option) to input a specific Google Docs/Sheets/Slides URL instead of using an Airtable field

Static URL - Add a specific Google Docs/Sheets/Slides URL instead of using an Airtable field

Google Doc Type (Default AUTO DETECT) - Select the type of Google Doc to display or let it Auto Detect - Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drive Folder

Save Field - Select the Attachments field where you want to save your documents/sheets/slides

Attachment Save Mode -
Append - Attach to the end of the list of Attachment documents
Override - Override any Attachment documents currently inside the Attachments field - REMOVES any attachments already inside the field
Prepend - - Attach to the beginning of the list of Attachment documents

Generate Google Doc Links Automatically - Learn how to integrate your Google Docs with On2Air: Actions to automatically manage your Google Docs

Once you’ve chosen your settings, click the icon arrow to display the Google Docs Editor

Using the Google Docs Editor

In the Google Docs Editor, you can edit and view your document, sheet, or slide just like you're in Google Drive. It contains all the same functionality and will be automatically synced inside Google Drive.

Google Doc Editor Menu

Download As - Download the document to your computer. Depending on the type, you can choose to download it as a PDF, MS Word, HTML, or Text.

Import as Attachment - You can add the document as an attachment in an Airtable attachment field. First, choose the field you want to use in the Google Docs Block settings.

File Name - Input the File name of your document
File Format - Input as a PDF, HTML, MS Word, or Text

IMPORTANT - The document must be a PUBLIC document to use this feature. If you import it as an attachment without it being Public, the file will show an error.
How to share a file publicly

Preview Mode - View the document with no menus visible

Open in New Tab - Opens the document in a new tab used for viewing


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